E-cashier & Loyalty system

E-cashier (electronic cashier solution) + Loyalty system


 for merchants-shops, the existing mobile application add-on with a payment option and loyalty system

What do clients of the Mall get:


  • Payment for goods and services using the mobile application 
  • Money transfer between e-wallets 
  • "Common Boiler" - collecting money from several e-wallet users 
  • Bonus and accumulative loyalty system for mall customers
  • Cash-back system 

What does the Mall get:


  • E-cashier is an alternative method of payment for goods and services represented in the branded mobile app of the mall:

  1. Payment by QR code via the mobile application;
  2. Payment by card (integration with built-in POS-terminal) - contact and contactless payment including with NFC and ApplePay/ SamsungPay/ AndroidPay;
  3. Sales management, issuing of fiscal receipts;
  4. Trade acquiring, invoicing;
  5. Reporting and analytics on the consumption of marketable products. Available in the personal account of the merchant store; 
  6. Automation of Reporting (BI) Business Intelligence;
  7. Guaranteed security of all transactions with international certificates;
  8. Analysis of the customer’s check structure.

  • Loyalty system

  1. Expansion of internal networking between merchants-stores of the mall;
  2. Customer retention tool.