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What do clients of the Mall get:


  • E-wallet - online payment for parking (using computer vision technology)
  • Interactive mall map with location recognition
  • News-feed of the mall and individual merchant stores
  • Digital discount cards from the mall and individual merchant stores
  • Push notifications on promotions and discounts in stores, taking into account the physical location of the customer near a particular store or boutique
  • Personal data security (Two-factor authentication (2FA)

What does the Mall get:


  • The digital presence of the mall
  • Effective communication tools- the merchant's personal account:

  1. The ability to fill and update product catalog;
  2. Maintaining a personalized news feed;
  3. Distribution of promotional codes and discount certificates.

  • Reach additional client audience (mobile users, e-money users, discount hunters)
  • IoT (Internet of Things) system, which allows:

  1. Send Push notifications in real-time to visitors of the mall about discounts, and other events;
  2. Analyze the behavior of client traffic, popular routes of clients on the mall.