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The Value of Canadian Rewards Programs


A comparison of the best loyalty programs by category – best for flights, hotel stays, guaranteed return, and more. Full article

Customer Loyalty is All About...


The road to a customer’s heart is not smooth and it definitely requires more than a simple television commercial (TVC) to create a stir. This is perhaps why the current customer loyalty space is so dynamic with new, disruptive trends coming up every day. Here are some of the trends that are driving customer loyalty. Full article

Spend and be Rewarded


In exchange for the “free” rewards, exclusive offers and other perks for being a loyal shopper, you’ll be asked to provide personal information such as your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and date of birth when you sign up. Full article

Changing Expectations for Rewards Programs


Canadians are unlikely to give up on collecting their points. Remember the debacle with Air Miles when it tried to place expiry dates on its points before finally giving in to consumer backlash? Full article

Canadian "Loyalty" Undeterred by Data Breaches


Despite the apparent setbacks, it appears Canadian customers aren’t ready to quit loyalty cards just yet. Indeed, the multi-billion dollar business is just as popular as ever with consumers and companies alike and any changes are quickly noticed. Full article

Effective Loyalty Programs


If you sell goods or services online, web analytics can help you measure the effectiveness of your loyalty programs. Tools and software exist to help you also measure metrics such as a customer retention rate to see how long customers stay with you. Full article

For Investors

SmartMallClub Launches software development

STARTUP to build unique rewards and loyalty platform for shopping mall goers and vendors, initially across Western Canada, in an effort to build stronger communities through innovative technologies. Full article